Great War Living History

Tour Introduction

If you’re not able to take your students on a battlefield tour why not let Anglia bring this experience to you?

Our ‘Great War Living History’ days cover a range of topics, such as ‘Life at the Front’, ‘Shot at Dawn’ or ‘Going into Action’. Each is led by an experienced battlefield guide in period uniform selected for their ability to engage with younger students.

Some of the key themes covered by this session:

  • Recruitment and drill
  • The development of the uniform and equipment
  • An opportunity to dress up in WW1 uniform and handle period equipment
  • The Christmas truce
  • Going up the line, trench warfare and routine, life in the trenches
  • New weapons, gas, the tank, the airplane
  • Trench raids
  • Home front, conscientious objectors, role of women
  • Military discipline – executions on the Western Front
  • The end of the war – The Cost and Remembrance

Tour Information


  • Your school

Key Locations:

  • Classroom based session

Transport Options:

  • NA


  • 1 day

Brilliant – would love to do it all again next year

Burgate School

Price Includes:

  • Tailor-made programme
  • 1 or 2 historical interpreters
  • Full or half day sessions
  • Fully-authentic period uniforms and equipment

Topics Supported

These tours support all programmes of study and specifications covering:

War and British Society

Causes and Events of the First World War

Britain, Europe and the Wider World: 1901-Present Day

Britain at War

The Impact and Experience of war in Britain

The Changing Nature of Warfare

Warfare Through Time

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