As we reach the end of the year in which commemorations to mark the Centenary of the Great War come to an end, we would like to reflect on the personal impact a visit to the battlefields can have on individuals both young and old.  As this poem, written by a student of Wycombe Abbey School who visited Ypres and the Somme with Anglia this September, so aptly shows Poetry was, and still is, one of the most moving ways to express this.




Remember the fallen,

the fractured and marred.

The broken and buried,

the brutally scarred.

Remember the cause

for which they laid down their lives.

Remember their parents.

Remember their wives.

The children whose fathers had never come back

in body or mind, still under attack.

For all of the stars that fell from the sky.

For the brave that didn’t deserve to die,

For all of their loss, at rise and set of sun,

We will remember, each and every one.