Brexit – Update January 2020

Travel before 31 January 2020

The UK is still a member of the European Union which means that all existing travel arrangements still apply.

 So for example until 31 January 2020

  • You will be able to move through UK ports

Brexit – FAQs

Brexit – FAQs

There is a lot of Brexit-related news out there at the moment, but what does all this mean if you are travelling to Europe with a school or student group over the coming months? Well the UK …

Exciting news

We have some exciting news for Next Generation Travel. We are delighted to announce that Galina International Study Tours has joined our group. Galina International Study Tours is an experienced team of educational travel experts who have been organising high …

Sustainability Policy

We recognise that our work has a social and economic impact on the local, regional and global environment. Therefore, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and endorsing environmental initiatives with our customers and travel partners.





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