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Guide Testimonials

We strongly believe that no other UK Schools’ Tours Operator meets The Anglia Standard but you don’t have to take our word for it:

Alain and Mark were particularly strong in terms of engaging the pupils - some excellent stands, despite the weather! All 3 guides were knowledgeable and pupils all had a good experience.

Herschel Grammar School

Andrew Pennington was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. The students and staff had a good rapport with him.

Oulder Hill Community School

Both guides, Richard Burgess and John Raynor, were excellent. We would like to use them again. They even adapted the tour on the last day to suit our changing needs.

All Saints’ RC High School

David was excellent and also suggested additional sites to visit like the Wellington Quarries which were fantastic.

Penrins Community School

Both guides (Ian Coyne and Andrew Lock) were extremely knowledgeable. Ian’s experience allowed him to draw the students in and engage them in his explanations of the sites we visited. Andy was clear and the students found him very helpful when they had questions. The students in Andy’s group struggled slightly more to engage with some of his questioning however this did not detract them from their enjoyment of the tour.

The Malling School

Ian Coyne was well organised, efficient and confident. The students really warmed to him.

Penryn College

Andrew Pennington was the best part of our tour! This is our 14th trip with Andrew, we couldn’t ask for anyone better. Martin Featherstone was great too.

Woodbridge High School

Our guide, Frank Toogood, was a real asset on the tour. He was knowledgeable about the sites we visited and interacted really well with the pupils. His organisation of the logistics of the trip was also excellent. The large amount of public transport used on the tour kept him very busy but he handled it brilliantly and when we visit Berlin again we would love to use him.

Akeley Wood School

Huge thanks and respect to our guides Andy and Frank from Anglia. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you both in Berlin. We look forward to working with you again next year!

Uppingham Community College

Steve Roberts was outstanding. My colleagues who had traveled with him before recommended him wholeheartedly and I would absolutely do the same

Bryanston School

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and found a good mix between specific exam content/revision and more general insights into the history of Berlin. Pupils were engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoyed their trip

Sir John Leman School

John was very confident with all aspects of the tour and made me feel completely at ease on my first trip as a leader.

Sir John Leman School

The whole trip was fantastic and our tour guides Nick and Tim were friendly and enthusiastic, providing many interesting facts about the locations we visited. It was a great opportunity to go on this trip which taught us about the war, the hardship our soldiers endured and providing insight and enlightenment.

Student at Farmors School

Having been on this tour on a number of occasions all parts have been extremely interesting and thought provoking.

Hedingham School

Pete is simply superb and pitches the right tone, level of information and gets his timings spot on! The weather was freezing but he kept everyone engaged and focussed throughout. Full of humour, fun buy taking nonsense he remains one of the best guides to tour with.

Kings High School Warwick

Very knowledgeable, personable and engaging for the students.

Headington School

[His] professionalism and engagement with the students is absolutely fantastic. They hang on to his every word!

St Benedict’s School

I would only ever use Anglia for the Battlefields tours. The best there is. Every stage is made easy and the day always runs smoothly. Brilliant staff. Amazing guides who are so passionate about their job

Hawthorns School.

The best part of the tour for me was the manner in which the guides and the office staff dealt with the challenges posed by the transport issues resulting from the weather.

St Theresa’s

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank both yourself, and [the guides] for all your hard work in making our tour such a success. They were outstanding guides, and both staff and students on the trip were extremely appreciative of their efforts.

St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive

[She] had a fantastic weekend and I would like to thank you and Andy for being such interesting and knowledgeable tour guides.

Parent of pupil at Tormead School

As always the guides were amazing and covered any questions that the pupils had.

St Peters Collegiate School - London Walking Tour

The best part of the tour for me was: Interaction between guides and students - all the students were so keen to listen to their stories and answer their questions.

Tring School

He was great with the students, well informed, full of stories/information, clear and engaging. He was also very good at responding to pupil questions and taking his discussions to areas that they were interested in. He was happy to be flexible with the tour itinerary, arranging for us to do a bit of a stop at a cemetery where one of our pupils' relatives was buried. When the weather meant we would be delayed for our tour of Talbot House and that we would miss our slot, he swiftly reorganised our programme to do something else first before TH so that we could get in later, which made the whole thing completely painless. He was professional throughout; we would happily recommend him as a guide to others and would be delighted to have him again as a Tour Guide on our next trip!

Dean Close School

A particular thanks must go to, our guide, who in my mind is the best I have ever had in my ten years of going on trips like these. He was simply brilliant (just like last year) and I know he made a real impact on the students and their thoughts on the Great War.

Trinity School

I would only ever use Anglia for the Battlefields tours. The best there is. Every stage is made easy and the day always runs smoothly. Brilliant staff. Amazing guides who are so passionate about their job.

Hawthorns School

Another incredible tour with you and your tremendous guides. Still the best Battlefields tour group on the market. Thank you!

The Hawthorns School

Guides were brilliant, they got the kids to engage - even the ones who were quiet. REALLY good getting the kids to look at sources.

Abbie Todd Redmoor Academy

Guides: They were great. Ticked the boxes to revise the historical environment.

Royal Grammar School Worcester UKWW1 S&T

Chris Cuff was excellent. He was friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and had just the right manner with the pupils.

St Peter’s Collegiate School

Chris Cuff was excellent. He was friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and had just the right manner with the pupils.

St Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross

They [our guides] were all absolutely incredible and there is no doubt that they made our trip.

Wycombe Abbey School

Simon and Roger were absolutely brilliant. Both parents and children enjoyed the way that they animated the day. It was a superb experience as always.

The Hawthorns School

The guides were excellent. Both of them were excellent communicators who managed to present a very vivid picture of events. The itinerary was good too – there was some flexibility on the day and we were happy to have the advice of the guides about the best things to see. At Thiepval and the Ulster Tower the whole group experienced very poignant moments of reflection, again directed by the guides. In terms of organisation prior to the trip I really appreciated your prompt advice when areas of uncertainty arose and the advice of colleagues you directed me towards. - Hayes School We had the most incredible experience which we will never forget - pupil of Wycombe Abbey School I have learned so much from you and will carry this information for the rest of my life.

Pupil of Wycombe Abbey School

Guides were really GREAT! Made a huge difference to the students experience and understanding.

Torquay Grammar School

They [the guides] were amazing, engaging and everything they shared allowed the students to reflect, question and explore ideas.

Colchester High School

The tour was brilliant, everything that was laid on for us, Dickie’s equipment and his knowledge was just brilliant. We got so much in to the day and the kids really enjoyed it. I have already put in for next years ‘Super Learning Day’ It was just brilliant having the experts too, the depth that added was incredible.

St Clements

He made the trip worth it and his stories and extensive knowledge of Nazi and Soviet Germany along with the passion he brought to the role, particularly when talking about the 1936 Olympics made for a great trip.

Marling School

[Our guide] was outstanding in every way and his delivery held both staff and students spellbound – they laughed and cried in equal measure. His leadership and organisation of the tour on the ground was exemplary. 10/10.

Leighton Park

The tour was brilliant, everything that was laid on for us, Dickie’s equipment and his knowledge was just brilliant. We got so much in to the day and the kids really enjoyed it. I have already put in for next years ‘Super Learning Day.’ It was just brilliant having the experts too, the depth that added was incredible.

St Clements School

By far the best guide ever! He was entertaining, engaging and knowledgeable. He got on so well with our staff and students that he really was one of us.

East Bergholt High School

The tour guides were fantastic… The students must have said something to their parents and the texts to my phone started coming in late last night all saying how their children enjoyed the trip and they found the guided tours very informative indeed.

Brentside High School

The guides were outstanding. They were clearly well informed about the topics and their personal enthusiasm and joy certainly impacted positively on our students. In particular I was impressed with the resources the guides had with them which really added a personal touch to the information they were giving our students.

Chestnut Grove Academy

Outstanding - this is the fourth year we’ve been with [our guide] - he’s excellent.

Helena Romanes School

The guides stood out with their exceptional knowledge, props and brilliant interaction with the students.

Oxted School

It was amazing! [Our guide] was really good. He got on well with the students and kept them enthralled throughout his talks.

Huxlow Science College

As always our guides were fantastic.

Beauchamps High School

Fantastic and engaging guides.

Roundhay School Technology and Language College

The guides were excellent on all fronts.

Borden Grammar School

The tour was so wonderful, all of our students had a great time and all of the teachers at Chestnut Grove Academy felt that the guides from Anglia were excellent. We especially liked the care they took to differentiate the information and tailor it to the specific year groups.

Chestnut Grove Academy

Our guides were outstanding and had the students enraptured and captivated their imagination. We have travelled with other companies before but this was in a different class!!

The Warren School

I just have to say that I don’t think that the girls have ever enjoyed a school trip so much. They were so enthusiastic and had obviously found the whole experience incredibly moving….Thank you for all your hard work!

Parent of pupil at Sydenham High School for Girls

I'm very thankful that you gave the experience of going around Normandy. I things you taught us gave me a different insight on how the war went and the sacrifices people made for our future. I'll remember this trip for the rest of my life.

Pupil at Bishop Heber School

You have made this trip truly amazing, with your talks and information. I have learnt so much about the war and how devastating it was. Thank you for making this whole experience possible.

Pupil at Bishop Heber School

He had an absolutely fantastic trip and not withstanding it’s educational value, it really brought home to him, what our soldiers and those of all of the other countries went through during the Second World War. He also had an extremely moving few moments at one of the cemeteries …. whereby when he was reading the headstones of the soldiers personal information and personal stories.. a few tears were shed and it made it so real for him, the sacrifice that they made for him to be there, free to enjoy his own life.

Parent of pupil at Kings School Ely

Our guide was excellent. He was friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and had just the right manner with the pupils. So much better than NST who I used at my previous school

St Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross

This was the first trip that I had made to Berlin with guides and it does make an immense difference to be able to call on their expertise in terms of practical arrangements, quite apart from the knowledge they communicate to the girls. I really appreciated their help. The most important thing is that the girls got a great deal from the trip as is evident from their comments on the return journey and since the beginning of this term.

Cheltenham Ladies College

The students were engaged and thrilled from start to finish and certainly left the trip with a new found understanding of the horrors that occurred in the Holocaust. My principal is so impressed I will be looking to organise this tour annually, and will be in touch in September about setting up our next trip! I would particularly like to mention Richard Burgess our tour guide. He managed to inspire the students immensely and I would very much like to request him again.

IES Breckland

Just returned from a "Jack the Ripper" tour of Whitechapel with a coach load of Year 9 students. They were exhausted but full of excitement at having been to the various destinations. They loved Simon Gregor because of his knowledge and delivery. …. he re-energised several students who were flagging at the end of a busy academic year. Many, many thanks.

Maplesden Noakes School

The students had an amazing time and did not stop telling us how much they loved it. They also could not stop praising Rick and Andy, and I have to say that I totally agree, they were fantastic.

St Peter’s Collegiate

[The guide] had a huge impact on what the students got out of it, they were invaluable. He had them eating out of his hand! She couldn’t praise him highly enough. He knew exactly how to pitch it at the right level to the students and made it so poignant at times.

Cardinal Newman Catholic School

The girls could not get over just how knowledgeable and eloquent he (the guide) is

Kings High School

[Our guide] was excellent and fit well with our students. I will be requesting her in the future.

Trinity School (Lewisham)

My colleagues couldn’t believe how fantastic it is having a guide. It relieves us of all stress.

St George’s School

Once again, thank you for all your help and please pass my thanks on to Brendan and Andy. Their knowledge and enthusiasm really makes the trip come alive for the students.

St Wilfrid's Catholic School, Crawley

Everything on the itinerary went according to plan and [our guide] Rob did a fantastic job as ever at each of our stops. It really was an excellent trip.

Dubai College

For me the trip is stressful (ensuring students are behaving/have everything etc ) but as soon as I see (our guide) he takes control and allows me and the other staff to relax and enjoy the tour.

Woodbridge School

Fantastic – extremely knowledgeable, very engaging and the students responded well to him. Will definitely request him again.

Cove School Berlin

Our tour guide, John, was incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of the Ypres Salient and really engaged with the students.

Ormiston Endeavour Academy