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Company Goals & Values

Company Goal

An Anglia tour is an outstanding educational experience. We care about our customers, our staff, the places we visit, the stories we tell and the organisations we work with.

Key Principles

Caring about our staff

Our people are our single most important asset. All are required to carry out their roles in a professional, resourceful and conscientious manner and in such a way as to enhance the Company’s reputation. To support them in this the Senior Management Team will provide strong and clear leadership, good example, fair terms and conditions, good internal communications, comprehensive training and understanding that inspires commitment and loyalty.

Caring about our customers

We will communicate with our customers in a friendly and professional manner with timely, clear and good quality information. We will take care over every aspect of their dealings with us by membership of the appropriate trade associations, holding the correct licences, the implementation of and adherence to an externally audited Safety Management System. We will be responsive to requests and complaints acting quickly to deal with both. We will provide 24 hour a day support to our customers whilst on tour.

An outstanding educational experience

Anglia will maintain and enhance its reputation for the provision of outstanding educational tours by carefully crafting and delivering itineraries that exactly match the aims of the tour organiser. We will provide supporting materials of the highest quality and a highly trained and motivated guiding team. We will provide a consistent marketing message and a recognisable brand that inspires trust and loyalty.

The organisations we work with

Anglia will be fair with all the organisations with which it works. We will pass on both good and bad feedback, pay on time, be understanding of operational pressures, reflect these in our policies and act accordingly. We will be professional in our approach and hold up to date contracts with suppliers in support of our Safety Management System. In turn, we expect these organisations to act in accordance with our Key Principles as they reflect upon our reputation.

The places we visit

We select carefully the sites we visit, mindful of their relevance to the tour and the environmental impact of repeatedly visiting the same places. Our guide team will have the breadth of knowledge to visit less popular but equally relevant locations to minimise this impact. We will be mindful of all pertinent health and safety considerations and will engage in positive involvement with the organisations that look after and preserve these places.

The stories we tell

We will be careful in our delivery of information which will be accurate, consistent and pitched at the correct level. This applies to both our guides and the quality of supporting literature and booklets. We will maintain a respect for historical accuracy; keep abreast of the relevant current academic debates whilst delivering information in an engaging manner that is sensitive to the needs of the audience.